Adiposet - Patients

Patient Benefits

The time following breast cancer treatment can be very challenging for patients and Adiposet™ has been developed to make the reconstruction process a more positive experience.

The key benefits are:

The patients very much preferred the simple re-injection of stored fat under local anaesthetic or as a general anaesthetic day case because they have less pain and require no time off work.

Dr Eva Weiler-Mithoff | Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK

Patient Stories

Meet Jo

Jo has undergone breast reconstruction surgery using Adiposet™, following a mastectomy as part of her breast cancer treatment. In the video below, Jo describes her journey, which was not straight forward, but she was happy with the results.

Meet Karen

Karen also underwent reconstruction surgery using the Adiposet™ system, following a lumpectomy as part of her breast cancer treatment. Karen tells her story in the video below.

Meet Nikki

Nikki sat down with us to talk about her experience with the Adiposet service. Nikki tells her story in the video below.

Meet Clare

Clare shares her experiences of breast reconstruction and the impact of the Adiposet service.

Further Information

Below are links that provide information you may find useful. You should also discuss any questions with your medical team or surgeon who will advise you on your particular circumstances.

NHS Choices- Live Well – Breast Reconstruction – Information on breast reconstruction in general. It also has links to stories from women who share their experience of going through breast cancer treatment and reconstruction.

Breast Cancer Care – Breast Reconstruction – Short animated videos showing what to expect and options for breast reconstruction.

Cancer Research UK – about breast reconstruction – General information about breast reconstruction.

Macmillan Cancer Support – Lipomodelling – General information on lipomodelling after breast reconstruction surgery.

Keeping Abreast – Breast Cancer Reconstruction Support Charity