Adiposet™ - Healthcare Providers

Benefits to Healthcare Providers

Whilst lipo-modelling is often considered to be the best approach for post-breast cancer reconstruction, existing methods are expensive for hospitals & clinics, and inflexible for clinicians. Compared to existing methods for lipo-filling, the Adiposet™ system provides these key benefits:

The Unmet Need

Autologous adipose tissue is being increasingly used in partial or full breast lipo-modelling following cancer surgery. Patients often have to return for painful, repeat lipo-suction procedures over time to reconstruct the breast tissue. The Adiposet™ system facilitates the convenient and safe collection, cryopreservation and storage of patient adipose tissue for use in lipo-filling reconstructive procedures.

The harvest and storage of adipose tissue is cost-effective to the clinician and the healthcare provider. Adiposet™ also improves patient outcomes by reducing the need for repeated invasive lipo-suction or prolonged stay and/or recovery times in hospital. The staged use of harvested adipose tissue may result in better tissue retention by reducing both the risk of tissue necrosis and the presence of oil cysts.

Importantly, there is no change to the surgical procedure and therefore no additional risk associated with the use of cryopreserved adipose tissue. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) also supports the use of harvested adipose tissue for lipo-filling (reference: Breast reconstruction using lipo-modelling after breast cancer treatment January 2013 – NICE interventional procedure guidance 417).

In Practice

An overview of the clinical process when using Adiposet™

Below is a short animation explaining how Adiposet™ works, and the key benefits, followed by a more detailed description of the clinical practice when using Adiposet™. Click on the info-graphic below to see a short animation on how Adiposet works:

Once a patient has been assessed as suitable for adipose tissue storage by a clinician or surgeon, the patient is asked to complete a consent form and provide other health related information. Adipose tissue is then collected by lipo-suction from a suitable area on the body. A blood sample is also collected. The fat tissue and blood sample is transported to our processing facility along with the relevant paperwork.

The Adiposet™ kit is provided for the collection of the fat tissue and a specialist delivery service is available for the efficient transportation to and from our cGMP certified processing facility. Full training on the use of the kit as well as the harvesting and delivery protocols are provided to all clinicians, surgeons and other relevant theatre staff.

A highly trained team of experts manages our processing facility. Patient information is fully protected as we comply fully with the European Data Protection Directive. Our Quality Management System maintains comprehensive and validated procedures for every aspect of the processing and storage which ensures the highest standards are met and the traceability of tissue is maintained at all times.

Tissue & Cell Technologies uses a validated and approved protocol to prepare the tissue for storing at temperatures below -160 degrees Celsius. The tissue is protected during freezing and post thaw procedures resulting in viable adipose tissue ready for use on arrival at the clinic.

Stored patient tissue can be recalled for delivery at a time convenient to the patient and the clinician. Our specialist team prepares and sends the adipose tissue to the hospital/clinic using our specialist courier. The tissue will be delivered ready for use.

There has been a joint study with four NHS Trusts aiming to demonstrate both the safety and the successful application of the stored tissue in major reconstructive procedures. Interim publication data can be provided on request.

Futher Information

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